Li-Fi network technology

data shower

The Li-Fi network architecture alters the basic idea and functionalities of a wireless network, as we know it from Wi-Fi today.



Due to its multi connectivity, the Li-Fi router creates a wide ecosystem.

Point-2-MultiPoint Technology


Understand how the Li-Fi network funtions and in which way it connects multiple users.

Transmission range

spot size

Modern laser technology changes the way how we use wireless data communication in the future.

Room connector


room connector

In opposition to Wi-Fi networks, Li-Fi signals do not pennetrate walls, which makes the technology much more secure. Here it is shown how it is possible to connect a Li-Fi network from room to room.

Data security


A Li-Fi network is considerably safer compared to Wi-Fi. It is in fact impossbile to hack a Li-Fi network from outside the building. These are bad news for the annonymous hacker.

Technology Comparison


Here, the different versions of Li-Fi technology are compared to Wi-Fi and Wi-Gig technology in terms of transmission speed, cost and power consumption.

Li-Fi technology outlook


Understand the technology development road map of high-speed Li-Fi technology in comparison to Wi-Fi technologies.