The Li-Fi network


Li-Fi (Light Fidelity) is a new and disruptive wireless local area network (WLAN) technology, able to replace the presently dominating Wi-Fi networks in many situations. Li-Fi uses modulated infrared signals and transmits data via laser technology with very high speed. The presented optical wireless technology is based on a line-of-sight connectivity between two devices. A Li-Fi network provides similar flexibility of wireless connectivity as Wi-Fi does (due to Point2Mulitpoint-technology), but it owns additional features, which open new and exciting user experiences.

Li-Fi router (in development)

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The Li-Fi router is an optical wireless multi-connectivity device. It can be connected via cable to the Internet, a server, PC or any other modern electronic device. A Li-Fi network router can be mounted to the wall, ceiling or simply put on the table as a dongle connected to almost any electronic device. When at least two Li-Fi routers are positioned in a line of sight to each other, they are able to transmit optical signals wirelessly in-between, and in this way transfer data from the connected electronic device to the other one and vice versa.


Compared to Wi-Fi, Li-Fi technology is faster, consumes considerable less energy, is more secure and causes no interference issues or health threats. Technical description:


  • Data rate: Nominal 1 Gbps (2 Gbps optionally) - Effective 0.95/1.9 Gbps
  • Range: 10m (optionally 20m)
  • Point-2-MultiPoint, duplex
  • Connectivity: Ethernet + USB2.0/3.0
  • Power supply: via data connection
  • Size: 24 x 48 x 64 mm

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